in Schwäbisch Hall

The roots of our company:
As early as the 1920s, Gottlob Breitner, the great-grandfather of today’s managing directors, had invented the first hand- and foot-operated apparatus for filling liquids.

The modern BREITNER company:
However, the cornerstone for today’s modern company was laid in 1961 by Hans Breitner, the grandfather of today’s managing directors Volker and Achim Breitner. Since then, BREITNER has continued to develop as a machine factory specialised in the packaging of liquid products.

Continuity in more ways than one:

  • For 60 years now, the company has grown steadily with its products, technologically always at the leading edge.
  • Each generation has placed responsibility in the hands of the next.
  • BREITNER has always remained true to its location in Schwäbisch Hall.

The following brief outline shows the stages and formative people of our company history.


BREITNER filling machine history 1924

Product brochure from the mid-1920s

Gottlob Breitner must have been an extremely creative man – in technical, entrepreneurial and verbal terms.

He invented and produced a hand- and foot-operated filling machine that met with much interest and great willingness to buy in small businesses, for example among pharmacists.

The operator controls the filling process via the pedal. This leaves his hands free to place the bottle under the filling tube. When the bottle is full, a flap closes the product outlet and prevents the operator from overflowing the bottle due to carelessness.

The brochure shows how the great-grandfather of today’s managing directors already put the benefit for the customer in the foreground: clean filling process, economical use of the filling product.

In the text, the brochure focuses on the variety of possible containers and products. Gottlob Breitner promises to respond individually and flexibly to customers’ special requests, e.g. regarding the container design.

From a marketing point of view, the name of the machine is “Unerreicht (Unrivalled) – we still take our hats off to this today.

Gottlob Breitner sold his now quite successful small company at the end of the 1920s.

BREITNER filling machine history 1924

A replica of our trainees’ “Unerreicht (Unreached)” takes pride of place at our reception.

1. Januar 1961

BREITNER filling machine history 1961

The first company building at Mauerstraße 10 in Schwäbisch Hall.

The cornerstone of today’s company was laid by Hans Breitner, the grandfather of the current managing directors. He founded the new company on 1 January 1961, turning his attention to the construction of filling machines.
He was undoubtedly inspired by the ideas of his father Gottlob.

The economic basis for the founding of the company lay in an electrical shop in Schwäbisch Hall, which supplied the inhabitants with electrotechnical products such as washing machines, fan heaters or electric burning scissors for ladies’ hairdressing.


The company founder Hans Breitner in a photo from 1978.

BREITNER filling machine history 1964
BREITNER filling machine history 1964
Hans Breitner at his trade fair booth. Here he is putting the finishing touches to the demonstration of the running machine.

In the same year, 1964, Hans Breitner exhibited his filling machine at the Anuga exhibition.

The basic design of a linear filling machine, such as the mechanical piston filling machine with 8 filling stations shown here, has proven itself to this day.

BREITNER filling machine history 1964
BREITNER filling machine history 1964
The presence at indrofa 1964, the International Druggists’ Trade Fair in Cologne, continues to have an effect in the company today in the application areas of chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Hans Breitner was obviously successful with the sale of his filling machines. In order to be able to concentrate one hundred percent on mechanical engineering, he therefore sold his electrical business in the same year, 1964.

Such a business transfer was announced in the 1960s in the daily press – that was the style of the time.

BREITNER filling machine history 1964

Advertisement of the business handover in the Schwäbisch Hall daily press.


BREITNER filling machine history 1966
Installation of a 2-station filling machine with semi-automatic closing machine in the spacious assembly hall at the new location in Auwiesenstraße.
In 1966, the company at Mauerstraße 10 was bursting at the seams. And so “HANS BREITNER Füllmaschinen” moved into new, much larger premises at Auwiesenstraße 20 – 22. The house numbers already attest to the visible expansion of business operations.


Finally, premises of their own: In 1971, the new building was constructed, the company building on Daimlerstraße, where BREITNER will be located until the middle of 2021, half a century.
BREITNER filling machine history 1971
BREITNER filling machine history 1971
Hans-Joachim Breitner with customers in the new assembly hall in Daimlerstraße
The next generation:
Hans Breitner’s son, Hans-Joachim, had studied mechanical engineering and after graduating had been able to gain important experience in another company outside his parents’ business.

He had already joined the family business in 1967 and had worked with his father ever since.

ab 1979

The company grew continuously – the 1960s and 1970s were a time of economic upswing for the entire German industry.
And so the company headquarters on Daimlerstraße also experienced several expansions, manufacturing capacities were expanded and the production halls were generously equipped with modern manufacturing machines – the latter a passion of Hans-Joachim Breitner.

1979 was the year in which Hans-Joachim Breitner took over the helm completely and was appointed Managing Director. His father Hans now slowly withdrew from the operative business – after 18 years of intensive development work.

The expansion of production and assembly capacities shows how strongly the company expanded under Hans-Joachim Breitner’s leadership. Because after 13 more years, production was once again bursting at the seams.

BREITNER filling machine history 1979
1979: Extension of the office building.
BREITNER Abfüllanlagen Geschichte 1979
1992: Extension of the assembly hall.


BREITNER filling machine history 2001
Almost 10 years later, Hans-Joachim Breitner’s two sons, Volker and Achim Breitner, were on board: Volker (on the right in the picture) took over sales, Achim (on the left) took over factory management.


BREITNER filling machine history 2011

BREITNER celebrates its 50th anniversary


Since the death of Hans-Joachim Breitner, the two brothers have been in charge of the company.
BREITNER filling machine history 2014
The two brothers, Volker (left) and Achim (right) Breitner.
This is where the historical view on the company ends. The present begins.

In 2021, the company celebrates its 60th anniversary. In line with this jubilee, the new company building is inaugurated in June 2021.

BREITNER filling machines building
BREITNER filling machines building
BREITNER filling machines building
BREITNER filling machines building