The filling nozzle and the filling level –
BREITNER filling machines

BREITNER filling machines – filling nozzle and filling levels
When filling thick tomato sauce, the filling nozzle is always just above the filling level – and thus remains clean.

During filling, the liquid level in the bottle rises. The exact position of the filling nozzle relative to the filling level is decisive for the quality of the filling and for the filling speed. The properties of the product also play an important role.

The BREITNER machine control allows settings that make the filling process particularly clean and fast:

  • Overspill filling
    the opening of the filling nozzle is always at the same distance above the liquid level. This is also the case with waisted bottles (moulded bottles), where the rise of the liquid level varies during the filling process.
  • Filling below the level
    Here the opening of the filling nozzle is always just below the level of the liquid. This makes it easy to fill even highly foaming products.

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