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interpack 2023 trade fair Düsseldorf

BREITNER Abfüllanlagen GmbH will be at this year’s Interpack 2023 – of course. The cancellation of the 2021 trade fair was painful for the organiser as well as for all exhibitors, including us, and so we are particularly pleased to be back in Düsseldorf in May to show our customers the latest news about our filling systems.

Fachpack 2022 in Nuremberg took place last autumn with a regional focus. Now we are looking forward to the international audience and the synergies that such a large event entails.

You can find us here at Interpack from 04 to 10 May 2023 in Hall 16 Booth D72/3.

What makes BREITNER special …

BREITNER Abfüllanlagen GmbH is a manufacturer of packaging machines and complete systems for filling liquid products into solid containers, i.e. bottles, jars or canisters.

The process chain covered by the systems ranges from setting up the bottles delivered in bulk to the core process of filling and closing the containers. The smallest vials with a content of 30 ml can be processed on BREITNER systems just as well as large canisters with 30 litres – a margin of one in a thousand. Low-viscosity products such as vinegar or solvents are dosed in filling machines with inductive flow metering or mass flow metering, while the classic piston dosing machine is used for viscous products such as creams or pastes.
The best-selling machine type for low to medium cycle rates, i. e. from 10 to about 150 containers per minute, operates in a linear process. Here you will find bottle unscramblers for symmetrical and asymmetrical bottle shapes, linear filling machines of the IDL and MDL type or KDS (piston filler) and linear closing machines in various designs for different pack sizes and closure shapes.

For a high throughput of up to 300 containers per minute, BREITNER offers rotary filling machines and rotary closing machines that process up to 30 containers simultaneously, depending on the configuration.
The product range has a particular technological strength in the filling of cleaning agents in bottles with pump closures and dip tubes (trigger pumps). These liquids have a tendency to foam; they are filled by means of precisely controlled under level filling process in such a way that no foam is produced. During the closing process, the thin – and curved due to the manufacturing process – riser tube is threaded into the narrow bottle neck with the utmost precision and at high speed, and the pump closure is then screwed on with a knurled drive.

For highly flammable substances such as pesticides, disinfectants or cleaning fluids, the systems are equipped according to the explosion protection standard.

For cleaning, the technology of the filling machines is equipped throughout with Cleaning in Place – CIP. Nothing is disassembled or unscrewed: instead of the product, cleaning or rinsing fluid runs through the machine and covers the entire product path from the infeed to the filling nozzle. All details of the machine, such as pipe transitions, hose connections, etc., are designed for this seamless cleaning. Even in the case of the piston filling machines, the technically unavoidable back spaces behind the dosing piston, in which small residues of the product may be found, are captured by the cleaning agent (piston back flushing). If the cleanliness requirements are even higher, sterilisation in place (SIP) is applied according to the same principle.
In the case of perishable food products, such as freshly squeezed fruit juices, the requirements for low germ contamination are so high that laminar airflow technology can be used to “flush” an air stream with sterilised air around the short distance between the mouth of the filling nozzle and the liquid level.

The customers of the medium-sized company come predominantly from four industries.

In the food industry (Link nach Landingpage Lebensmittel), it is vinegar and oil, juices, but also viscous products such as marmalade and honey, creams, jam or mustard, ketchup or mayonnaise.

In the chemical industry (Link nach Landingpage Chemie), the machines are used to pack cleaning agents and dishwashing liquids, for motor oil, car care, windscreen cleaners, brake fluid, radiator antifreeze, but also paints and coatings, adhesives – even instant glue – or pesticides as well as liquid fertilisers for home and garden. Especially topical lately: disinfectants.

In cosmetics (Link nach Landingpage Kosmetik)products, BREITNER’s customers include manufacturers of shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap, massage oil, nail polish remover, facial tonic, hair lotion, sunscreen or baby oil.

In the non-sterile pharmaceutical industry or for medical products (Link nach Landingpage Pharma), it is disinfectants, remedies such as cough syrup or nasal spray that are filled on the manufacturer’s equipment.

In the past, these industries with their diverse products have always challenged the manufacturer’s engineers, with the result that today the machine programme can be used very universally, even for new and surprising applications. Strengths that have developed in the environment of one industry thus come to bear in the other industry with its completely different products. One example: since manufacturers have stopped using conservation agents in cosmetics, the same standards are applied to cleaning as to food products.

The BREITNER family enterprise: founded in 1961 by the grandfather of the current management; the father built the company up to its current size and it has been exclusively in the hands and under the management of the family for over 60 years. Today, under the leadership of the third generation, the fourth is already growing up. Together with the durability of the machines, this continuity ensures that the company’s customers still receive spare parts and service for their machinery even after decades.

BREITNER has its headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall with about 100 employees and is thus located in the heart of Packaging Valley, an association in which a more than 100 companies in the packaging industry have joined together regionally and see themselves as the Silicon Valley of the packaging industry in Germany.

BREITNER filling machines plant North entrance building

Your contacts at BREITNER …

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Volker Breitner


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Achim Breitner


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