Packag­ing lines –
BREITNER filling machines

BREITNER packaging machines & -lines
of liquid products in solid containers

Bottle unscramblers, filling and closing machines – that is our profession. Today, our machines are so flexible that our solutions cover a broad spectrum:

  • from small batches with frequent product changes for foodstuffs to the continuous production of cleaning agents in large batches
  • from low-viscosity, flammable disinfectants to highly viscous pastes with small pieces in them – like fondue sauce with spice grains
  • from small 20 ml vials that are hardly stable to 30 l canisters that are not very dimensionally stable in order to save plastic material
  • from the simple push-on cap to the spray pump whose dip tube has to be threaded quickly and precisely into the narrow bottle neck…

At BREITNER you will find the right machine for every packaging task. We advise and support you in selecting the right machine or complete line.

BREITNER Abfüllanlagen – Verpackungsmaschinen

Bottle unscrambler

(here type BFA)

Filling machine

(here type IDL)

Closing machine

(here type VS)

Packaging line

(Packaging line consisting of bottle unscrambler, filling and closing machine)

BREITNER Abfüllanlagen – Verpackungslinie

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